Director General

In the name of God the Merciful

The grace of God was founded Abdullah Muhairi Contractors city of Dubai, launched the company’s business and began to establish themselves in the construction market, when we laid the foundation stone and we have taken our first steps in this company, we look forward to the future and we hope a bright future, pray to the Almighty that crown our efforts success and to inspire us strength and wisdom.

Here are today’s Abdullah Almihra Contracting stand with God’s help and guidance on solid ground, continue to march steadily and surely through a sincere commitment to work and persevere towards achieving the objectives of integrated development.

We at Abdullah Al Muhairi Contractors We are always and ever towards strengthening our technical and competitive and take advantage of all that is new and evolving area of our work from our staff management and qualified technical and capabilities that we devote to service our goals lofty, and the end to take full advantage of the technological revolution and digital that swept the world and laid the broad prospects of investment, knowledge and modern techniques in all areas and from this standpoint I can not in this place only to assure our customers we strive to provide the best possible level of performance, and the continued excellence and our perennial search for satisfaction and meet their requirements, and everything that enhances our competitive position in the market , while maintaining the highest standards of quality and the best technical standards and competitiveness.

If we look at the list of projects implemented during the past years, we note that all of these projects have already implemented a time limit and the highest technical specifications and in most cases.

I conclude by saying that we would achieve all of this progress and prosperity at all levels not for the God Almighty and the generous support of our government and stand with us in our constant search for the better.

Abdullah Hamid Hareb